Uganda Batteries Ltd is a leading company in the automotive industry in Uganda.

First registered in 1967, th company's excellence in the battery business is the result of over 30 years of hard work and resilence.
Batteries are made using the latest proven technology, while adhering to international Quality Standards. The company's drive quality was first recorganised in 1998 when Uganda Batteries Ltd. was the first company in Ugandato be certified in International Quality Standards of ISO9002 series.

Our commitment to quality is further demonstrated by the warranty of 20 months against manufacturing defects given on all our batteries. Our quality slogan is"TOWARDS ZERO DEFECTS ANDZERO WASTAGE".

As a responsible producer, Uganda batteries limited buys back all used batteries as scrap not only for environmental clean-up but also for further examination and analysis in an achievement to continual improvement at the same time providing a cheaper source of raw material, which makes our products more affordable.

- State-of-art manufacturing facility
- Grid and paste weight standards monitored to ensure maximum amp hour capacity
- Stringent quality inspection before delivery
- Variety of sizes and types to choose from
- Competitive pricing
- 12 months warranty

Specific Gravity of filling acid at 27 C 1.250-1.280,Charging duration 8-10 hrs. If new battery is beyond 3 months old from the month of manufacture, charging duration should be exended.

UBL's guarantee covers only manufacturing defects. The guarantee commences from the date of sale of battery The guarantee period for automotive Vehicles is 12 months and for commercial commuters (taxis) 6 months from date of sale.

Maintenance Tips

- Maintain electrolyte at upper level and never below lower level
- Never add acid, instead add distilled or de-ionised water.
- Keep terminal clean with petrolium jelly,not grease
- Ensure that Battery is charged bfoe use if vehicle has not been running for over a month or when horn and lights are weak.
- Get your battery checked at least once every 2 months at authorized UBL service centers.
- Never pour out electrolyte once battery is fillid (Not even when battery is not is service).


In addition we provide free service of tyre changing, wheel balancing & wheel alignment when you purchase from us. Other services like servicing your vehicles are available through our sister company : Roliat Service Station.